Mozart Of Madras
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  • Pune
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A tribute to A.R. Rahman

Music is an art that connects hearts; and there is certainly something beyond words that reaches us when we listen to this art form. That ‘something’ is a transaction of vibrations and feel from the musician to the listener. In our times, one of the greatest masters of this art form is A.R. Rahman. The legendary music composer has made our hearts beat with consonance for more than two decades now. ‘Mozart of Madras’ is Our humble effort to give tribute to our generation legend, and to make Rahman’s music speak about its creator.

Our Vision about this show is to perform reprise version of Rahman\'s songs without interrupting the base of original tune. This will not be a just another show of Rahmans songs but we have added few extra touches in the music that will mesmerize the crowd. With different genres, we are sure that every type of audience of all age groups will be entertained.

Performers: Ashutosh Joshi (Singer), Rama Kulkarni (Singer), Ninad Solapurkar (Keyboard), Rohan Vanage (Drums), Soham Sane (Percussionist), Kirit Mandavgane (Guitar), Amit Gadgil (Guitar)

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