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  • 50 K - 1 LAKHS
  • Hometown: ₹ 50,000
  • Out-station: ₹ 50,000
  • Abroad: ₹ 1,00,000

High energy Bollywood renditions

Joydhaam formed with the strong belief and intention in community music interventions by Shivm and Shashank. While they perform as a high energy band, they are community musicians and facilitators as well.

An Engineer, Singer, guitarist, composer, lyricist, Facilitator and Certified fitness trainer. Being raised in the background of mother being a very good singer and a poet, musician father, Shivm started his musical journey and started taking lessons of Indian classical vocals at the age of 5. Afterwards he started learning guitar. Participated in many college and intercollege competitions and received many prizes. At this time he started learning therapeutic effects of singing and hence started his journey as community musician.
Considering the huge amount of stress people are going through, he started public community singing sessions at pagdandi where he met an another community musician Shashank.

An Engineer, Percussionist, singer, lyricist and a drum circle facilitator, believes that he got the gift of music from his father who is a very good harmonium and bulbul player. He started learning tabla as his first percussion instrument at the age of 7. With the keen interest in rhythm, he later stared learning Indian percussions and instruments from other parts of the world. Participated in many competitions and festivals during his school and college days and acclaimed a good appreciation. While learning west African drumming he came to know about rhythm therapy and therapeutic effects of music on health and well being of human, thus started his journey as community musician.

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