Anand Doh
Theatre Play
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Play on the life of Tukaram Maharaj

Tukaram Maharaj is unarguably the greatest saint of Maharashtra. Tukaram's genius partly lies in his ability to transform the external world into its spiritual analogue. For the past four centuries, he has been the source of energy and inspiration to many. There is no other Marathi saint who has so deeply and widely influenced Marathi people.

The play ANAND DOH throws light on the life of Tukaram Maharaj. The play encompasses 13 important days of his life, from the day he drowned his Gatha (spiritual writings and poems) in the river Indrayani till the day Gatha came out without a drop of water destroying it. In the play, there are dialogues between Tukaram and his wife Avali and dialogues with self.

We at “RAJ YOG” thought of doing this play because somewhere we thought that the principles of Tukaram Maharaj are being misinterpreted in today’s world. Through this performance, we wish to get his teachings and principles in limelight. We genuinely want this play to reach the masses and that is why right from the set design to the performance everything is neat and handy. This play can be performed in the closed theatre or in an open place or in a temple. Anyone can participate in our work by organizing the show in their cities or districts or countries.

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